We are a group of ex-offenders who have identified a shared problem of addiction to criminal behaviour.

We believe that a significant proportion of men and women incarcerated in UK prisons may be offending due to compulsion - or addiction.

We hope to build a network of support groups in order to help each other address common problems and recover from this addiction.

Offenders Anonymous recognises the existence of addiction to crime as a primary addiction similar to other behavioural addictions, such as gambling or eating disorders. A person with this condition will be drawn compulsively to criminal behaviours in the same way as an addict to drugs or a gambling addict to gambling.

Offenders Anonymous has adapted the 12-Step recovery programme formulated by Alcoholics Anonymous to form the basis of our fellowship. The 12-Step process is a tried and tested formula the use of which releases hundreds of thousands of alcoholics and addicts worldwide from the grip of active addiction. We are currently compiling the literature to form the foundation for Offenders Anonymous meetings. This will be available via this website and will be updated as new experience suggests and opportunity arises.

We aim to make meetings available in prisons as well as in the community.